Apr 102009

Hotel deals with dinner included

Dinner and hotel deals can be well worth looking into. One of the decisions that need to be made when planning a theatre beak is when to dine on the evening of the show. Most West End musicals and plays apart from matinees start at around seven thirty and it is recommended to arrive at the theatre at least thirty minutes before the show, even if you have already collected your tickets. So this is slightly different to the normal pattern for dining out in the evening, hence the concept of the special pre-theatre or post-theatre menu. Now if you decide to choose your own restaurant it may involve two extra journeys around busy London. One way to simplify the arrangements is to dine at your hotel. That way the itinery for the first day could look something like this

  • Arrive at your central London Rail Terminal eg Kings Cross or Euston
  • Travel to your Hotel
  • Check in and make yourself comfortable in your luxury hotel room
  • at 5.30, go downstairs and enjoy fine dining in the Hotel Restaurant
  • At 6.45 make your way to towards the theatre
  • 7.30 – 10.00 pm Enjoy a fantastic night out at a West End Musical you’ll never forget.
  • Back to the hotel bar for late evening drinks then upstairs for a comfortable nights sleep

instead of:

  • arrive in London
  • Travel to the Hotel
  • Check in, drop off your bags then dash out again
  • Wander around looking for somewhere appropriate to eat or travel half way across London
  • Worry about getting to the theatre on time
  • take a short but expensive cab ride just to make sure
  • Enjoy the show immensely, but still feeling a bit flustered for the first five minutes.

Restaurants within Hotels

Hotel restaurants are amongst the best dining experiences even for non residents. The Savoy restaurant is famous, for example and there are many other restaurants famous in their own right which are attached to top hotels. You’ve heard of the Dorchester and Claridges? Both hotels. But that doesn’t mean ‘Dining In” is always the most expensive option, far from it. When booking a theatre breaks package, some of the hotel choices offered will include dinner on the first night as part of the deal. When there is a special offer running, that can sometimes work out equivalent to a free dinner in a fine restaurant!

Larger Hotels will have a choice of restaurants all within the same building complex. The ever popular St Giles Hotel, right on the corner of Oxford Street and Tottenham Court Road, has three restaurants plus bars and coffee shops, adding Italian, Chinese and Japanese cuisines to the usual fare. The Strand Palace Hotel, right in the West End near Covent Garden has both the Strand Carvery and Johnston’s Brasserie – one of the most popular restaurants for pre-theatre dinners.

Friday Theatre Breaks with Hotel and Dinner Deals

During the spring season, Show and Stay have an offer for Friday night theatre breaks with up to 49% off the full price and dinner included. This is for selected four star Holiday Inn and Crowne Plaza hotels.

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