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London theatre breaks for singles
London theatre breaks for singles

London theatre breaks for singles or family groups

London theatre breaks for singles are not always easy to find and when you do find one they can be expensive. If you want to go on holiday on your own it can sometimes feel as if they want you to pay nearly as much as it would cost to share with a friend. I must confess here to being a bit of an introvert so I can see the attractions of a solo holiday.

On the other hand not everyone looking for  London theatre breaks for singles does ‘vant to be alone’. You might have other reasons for wanting your privacy, even if she’s your oldest friend you might not want to share a room for example!

Now you may have very good reasons for travelling alone and if that’s your choice then I think you should be able to do it at a reasonable cost. I don’t see why if you want to see a show and spend a day or two in the capital, by yourself, you should be treated less well than anyone else.I decided to have a look at what was available and was pleasantly surprised by what I found.

Two Kinds of London Theatre Breaks for Singles

There seem to be two main kinds of London theatre breaks for singles, aimed at different people with different needs.

1. A one, two or three day coach tour

If you are single, on your own and sociable then this is the ideal choice. You meet up with a mixed group of couples and singles, many from your local area, on the coach to London. You all stay in the same outer London hotel and are ferried in and out of the city for your show and for shopping or sight seeing. This sort of set up gives you plenty of opportunities to make friends. People have chosen different shows to see but all come back together after the show at a designated pick up point to return to your hotel. You have an experienced coach driver and often a courier to help you get the most out of your stay. At the hotel on the longer breaks there is usually some sort of dinner dance or disco to keep everyone amused the night after the show.

The single supplement for these deals range from between £25 for the two night package to £50 for the three night break. This depends on the dates, hotel and show. This is for the whole package, not per night. I think this is quite reasonable and gives you a chance to be as social or as private as you like. If things get too hectic for you you can always retreat to the calm of your own room but you know that company is only down the corridor.

Readers Offers Coach tours

2. A two or three night rail break

These tend to be a bit more flexible and perhaps a little more private.1 There are fewer opportunities for socialising than on a coach trip and you are more likely to be on your own in the hotel. Of course this makes them ideal for someone who really wants some breathing space and just needs some interesting things to do, but is quite happy to do them alone.

You can go and see your show without worrying if it is to anyone else’s taste, eat just what and when you like, spend all day in the museums or galleries of your choice, or just loll about in book shops drinking coffee and people watching! Or shop. Till you drop! Or all of the above 🙂 the choice is yours. There is no washing up, no tidying and no one in London gives a hoot what you look like.  Freedom.

Single supplements for rail breaks range from around £35.00 to £65 per person, again this depends on the dates, hotel and show.

Readers Offers Rail Breaks

London Theatre Breaks for singles, if you are part of a group or even a couple.

These breaks are also ideal for small groups travelling together. Let’s face it you might have been friends since school days but you’ve no desire to sleep in a dorm and you are long past the stage of girly sleep-overs.2

Three or five are comfortable numbers of single friends to share a trip, that way you all stay together most of the time and there’s nobody left out.  Doing this either two of you decide to share and one person gets their own room, or all three of you opt to travel as singles. In the first situation the fairest thing to do is to split the single supplement between you. Agreeing this sort of thing up front makes sure there are no arguments later.

Tower Guoman Hotel

Tower Guoman Hotel, one of the hotels used for our Readers Offers theatre breaks.

There is one last reason to opt for two single rooms, even if you are a couple. It is a taboo subject so I’m going to tread softly. Snoring. There I’ve said it! It is no laughing matter if you have this problem. There are people for whom sharing a room is simply torture. If you would never share a room with your beloved at home, why should you be forced to in a hotel on what is supposed to be a holiday?  A good night’s sleep in a quiet hotel room. This might make the single supplement worth every penny.


  1. This makes them ideal for introverts like me! []
  2. If there are three of you, you can occasionally get a triple room, fun if you are still into sleep-overs! []

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