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How to Plan a Romantic Theatre Break in London

Book Your Romantic theatre break now

Theatre breaks make a great anniversary treat and London can be just as romantic a city as Paris if you know how to make the best of it. I’m going give you some top tips on making the most of your theatre break and then suggest 3 top shows for romantic theatre breaks.

romantic theatre breaks

romantic theatre breaks

What makes the difference is a bit of planning. Stress and last minute stuff can be romantic but it really isn’t the best way to be sure of having a good time. Make sure you:

  • Plan well in advance to be sure of getting your choice of show and dates (3 to 6 months is ideal, but you can do it much nearer the time if you have to.)
  • Choose a show you’ll both enjoy
  • Think about choosing a slightly more upmarket hotel than you’d normally book. Maybe try one of the boutique hotels with all the extra attention to detail and decor. That extra star brings with it the little touches that spell luxury, and, to be honest, luxury is romantic!
  • Consider your travel arrangements well ahead of time.You can often book cheap rail tickets with your theatre break, saving both money and stress.

Three Shows for a romantic theatre break

Ideally for a romantic theatre break you want a show that you can both enjoy, something with a strong, possibly tragic, plot about relationships is a good choice for most couples. The classic shows really deliver for a romantic theatre break. Most of them have been running for many years and that’s no accident. People choose them because they know they can expect an evening of fine music and acting.

#1 Les Miserables

Les Mis is perfect for a romantic theatre break so long as you both enjoy a slightly operatic style of music. If your other half is a committed pop or rock fan you might need to reconsider. Of course the “Susan Boyle Effect” might help ease them into the idea so don’t just assume it’s a no go.
In One Line:

Lots of love, death and highly charged emotions.

#2 Phantom of the Opera

The plot of Phantom is slightly less complex than Les Mis and the music is a bit less operatic. The tragic story sweeps you along and this is definitely gothic Romance with a capital R. You definitely come out of the theatre feeling you’ve been on an emotional journey with the characters and that’s great for a romantic theatre break.

In One Line

Doomed, gothic, tragic twisted LOVE

#3 Dirty Dancing

Dirty Dancing

Dirty Dancing

Change of mood for this one, Dirty Dancing is much lighter than the other two I’ve suggested. There’s lots of great dance numbers and good songs and it’s much less operatic than Phantom or Les Mis. Dirty Dancing’s central love story has some very tender moments that make it ideal for romantic theatre breaks. It’s sometimes thought to appeal to a younger age group but I think people of all ages can enjoy a high energy show like this.

In One Line:

“Nobody puts Baby in the corner!” coming of age, first love, passion and lots of dancing.

Other Shows and Attractions for Romantic Theatre Breaks

Of course this is just my selection of the possible choices for a romantic theatre break. For some couples an evening at Priscilla or Hairspray might be more to your liking. After all laughing at shared jokes is very romantic! For others Jersey Boys or We Will Rock You will bring romantic reminders of the early years of their romance. Or you could go for the gothic thrills of Woman in Black, being spooked is pretty good at invoking romantic feelings too!

  • Book a pre-theatre meal with your theatre break. Italian or French is the classic choice for romance.
  • A dinner cruise on the Thames is definitely romantic, twinkling lights, soft music, good food. Perfect end to the second day of your theatre break. You can save quite a bit of money and stress by booking that at the same time as your theatre break too.
  • If you don’t fancy the river cruise how about a Champagne Flight on the London Eye? This is another sure fire romantic choice, you get a luxury London Eye experience without all the queues and a chance to see all the London sights from the comfort of the Eye. Again you save money by booking this with your theatre break.
Not everything in London cost money!

Not everything in London costs money!

Not everything on your romantic theatre break needs to cost money. A arm in arm stroll along the banks of the Thames down by the Southbank, a wander through one of the many London parks (St. James’ is my favourite) or sitting at a pavement cafe watching the world go by are all great ways to reconnect with each other and keep the romance alive.

I suppose in the end that’s the whole point when you book romantic theatre breaks.

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  1. susan boyle can easily hit the high notes with ease, i like her.

  2. Susan Boyle has a crystal clear voice that i really really like.

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