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Valentines Day Theatre Breaks
Valentines Day Theatre Breaks

Valentines Day Theatre Breaks

I know, some of us are only just back at work but really Valentine’s Day is just a few weeks away. Booking a theatre break as a Valentine’s Day present is an incredibly romantic thing to do but if you want to have your pick of shows you will need to act fast!

There are three approaches to choosing when you want to go, Valentines Day itself, the weekend after or give the gift on the day and go another weekend.

The Day Itself

This year (2013) Valentine’s Day falls on a Thursday. This means to go on the day you’ll need to book a midweek theatre break. This is not so easy as it might seem. Hotels are busier mid-week in London and you will be struggling to get a central one at a reasonable price. If you are prepared to stay further out you might do better. Also you might find it hard to get the show you want at such short notice as Valentine’s Day theatre tickets are very popular with Londoners themselves. Another reason for avoiding the day itself is that restaurants are not at their best that day. Many put on special menus and, to be honest, charge a premium  for an unexceptional meal. Still it can be done, if you really feel you must. Of course before you book, don’t forget that there is some sort of ‘important’ football match on that night too. That could spoil the romantic feel of the evening!

Valentine’s Weekend

The next choice is to go the weekend after Valentines Day. Not a bad choice, weekend theatre breaks offer far better value. You’ll still have a problem eating out and many places in London will be fully booked. Still it is possible and a lovely gesture.

Finally, probably the best choice, book your theatre break for a little after the day itself. You will get a better choice of hotel and show, plus the restaurants will not be packed with other couples  so it will feel more special. On the big day you produce a card and a printout of your booking, with all the details (minus the price, of course!). Maybe a photo or two of the hotel too. Now print these out on really nice quality paper and put them in a smart folder so it looks the part. A little attention to the way it is presented will go a long way. Some nice hearts on the front cover of the folder perhaps? Don’t skimp this, make it pretty. Maximum brownie points gained!

The Most Romantic Shows in London

There’s an easy winner here, the most classically romantic show on at the moment is probably the oldest too. Top Hat hails from the days when they really knew how to tell a boy meets girl story and has the most romantic score on the West End and the moment, not to mention men in tails and the most glamorous frocks!

If Top Hat is not your scene then try The Bodyguard. It is a love story with a bit of action thrown in to keep the men happy.  You can practice singing “I will always love you” later 🙂

Failing that, there is always Mamma Mia! Don’t forget this is not one but at least two love stories, a wedding and a Greek island. What more do you want? Good tunes? It has them in droves, Abba was never lost for a hummable melody!


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