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Theatre Breaks as time travel

When you are planning which show to see for your theatre break a good start can be think about what kind of music makes you feel good. Of course you don’t have to be old enough to remember it the first time around. It’s perfectly possible to be nostalgic for a time before you were even born! The music of the 60s is full of optimism and energy. It takes us back to a time when anything seemed possible and far away from doom and gloom. Theatre breaks to shows like these are a kind of time travel so sit back and enjoy visiting a very different world.

Theatre Breaks Back to the ’60s

In this post I’m going to concentrate on the 60’s and if the 60’s are your choice then there’s a couple great shows on in the West End right now that are perfect for theatre breaks.


Has to be a contender for your 1960s theatre break. The show is full of the music, colour, costumes and feel of the ‘feel good 60’s’. The plot is uplifting and there’s lots of laughs. You’ll come out singing “Good Morning Balitmore” and feeling anything is possible.

Jersey Boys

Jersey Boys tells the story of Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons and their rise to fame. They wrote masses of hits in the early 60s. You’ll be singing along to songs you know and love and audience participation is positively encouraged. Just have a look at a few of the 60s classics you’ll hear.

Other 60’s Things to do on your Theatre Breaks

You might want to keep to a sixties theme on your theatre break and London is just the place to do that. Check out some of these cool attractions to really get that ’60s vibe.

Madame Tussauds

Theatre Breaks Tussauds visit.

Theatre Breaks Tussauds visit.

You could spend a whole day here there’s so much to see and do but your quest is to experience the Swinging 60s. To do that you hop into a time travelling black cab and take a journey back through London’s history. The small version of London’s world famous taxis have room for just two and will drive you through the historic and cultural events that have shaped London. So sit back and enjoy the ride as you move all the way from Tudor times to Carnaby St.

You can add a trip to Madame Tussauds to your theatre break when you book for only an extra £15 and there’s masses to do there. After a £1 million+ make over Tussauds is much more than a waxworks these days with several interactive exhibitions. It’s a great addition to your theatre break!

If you do go you must arrive early to avoid the long queues that build up as the day goes on. Make your way there straight after breakfast and be there just around opening time (9:00am weekends, 9:30 week days).

Carnaby Street

Theatre Breaks - Carnaby St

Theatre Breaks - Carnaby St

Carnaby Street is not quite what it once was but the spirit of the 60s is kept alive by fascinating shops like The Face.

Here you can browse and explore both new reproductions and vintage 1960s items. The sixties were one of the most stylish decades of the last century and they still influence current fashions so indulge your nostalgia itch and treat yourself!

Today’s Carnaby area is more than just Carnaby Street itself. The pedestrianised area just behind Regent Street has lots of new stores and a passage through to Kingly Court. Set around an open courtyard, there are three floors of one-off ‘concept’ shops and studios where it can be possible to find items not sold anywhere else in London.

Original Bus Tour

Theatre Breaks Routemaster bus

Theatre Breaks Routemaster bus

What could be more iconic of the 60s than a red London Routemaster bus?

The Routemaster still runs on a couple of routes in central London. If you want to ride one it costs the standard £2 ticket for each ride.

The Routmaster runs on routes 9 and 15.

  • Route 9 -Royal Albert Hall — Hyde Park Corner — Piccadilly Circus — Trafalgar Square — Strand — Aldwych.
  • Route 15 -Trafalgar Square — Strand — Aldwych — Fleet Street — Cannon Street — Monument — Tower Hill.

The red Routemaster is the authentic 60s way to see the city but it’s definitely not the most comfortable or the best view. For that you need The Original Bus Tour. This is a comfortable modern alternative that will let you see all the sights from a comfortable, modern, open-topped bus. You can hop on and off at several points and there’s an interesting commentary. The whole Original Bus Tour takes around two hours to complete and visits:

Buckingham Palace – Piccadilly Circus -National Gallery -Downing Street – Big Ben – London Bridge – St Paul’s Cathedral – Tower Bridge – Tower of London- Westminster Abbey

Your tour can be booked at the same time as your theatre break and costs £18 each for adults. (To see all these sights by Routemaster could end up costing your considerably more!)

Time Travel Theatre Breaks to other Eras

Of course the 60s aren’t the only times you might want to visit on your theatre break.

  • Do you like to rock out and remember the stadium rock concerts of your youth?
  • Maybe Tamla Motown rings your bell?
  • Or are you a Disco Diva?
  • I’ll be writing posts about each of these eras to help you choose the show for your perfect theatre break.

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