Apr 142009

Anniversary Theatre Breaks

In this post for the new Theatre Breaks magazine I declare that I inherited an interest in theatre breaks from my own parents, no less. My mother and father used to travel up to London together, all the way from Truro about once or twice a year, and sometimes it would be to celebrate a special occasion. The one which involved me was a golden wedding anniversary trip, and I was invited to lunch in the Drury Lane Hotel with them whilst they showed me the smart facilities at the hotel and told me how much they had enjoyed seeing “Les Miserables” for the third time the night before.

I believe the theatre trip had been planned almost a whole year in advance, because you only ever get one golden wedding if at all, and they clearly wanted everything to be just as they like it. Seeing a show you are absolutely certain you are going to enjoy is one way of going about things. Others might prefer to see something for the first time, but highly recommended by trusted friends or sources.

Other Theatre Breaks Occasions

Now there is absolutely no need whatsoever to have an excuse for booking a theatre break, it can simply be considered to be one amongst several short breaks dotted around the year, but if you do like to have a special occasion to celebrate then here are a few other suggestions for deliberately timed theatre breaks.

  • Birthday Treat – An obvious one, whether it’s your own birthday or that of a partner, spouse, friend or other relative, you’ll have a great time together in London if you both love the theatre and all the trappings.
  • Empty Nest – No more fledgelings living under your roof? Enjoy the peace and quiet for a few weeks then go away on a London Theatre Break without worrying the house has been wecked by a Facebook party!
  • Retirement – What’s the point in working all your life if you can’t enjoy a good night out midweek now you have the time at last.
  • New job / promotion – Celebrate every step along the way of life
  • End of busy season at work – Once the holidaymakers or other visitors have all gone home, make the most of the slack season by taking a break in your own preferred style
  • Hen Night / stag nightTheatre breaks are not just for couples, you can go with your own gang and have a riot of a time in London.
  • New Year Theatre Break – There’s the one in January of course, but also a new tax year in April, new school year in September, Chinese New Year in February
  • New Grandchild – Once you’ve visited the new grandchild to do your bit then left them to get on with it, recuperate on the way back through the capital by staying on for a London theatre break
  • Graduation – It could be your own or somebody you are very proud of – treat both of you to a theatre break to mark the occasion.


I hope these ideas inspire you to find the rationale for planning your next theatre break, so you’ll have something wonderful to look forward to from the moment it’s booked.

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