Apr 142009

Planning your Theatre Break

When you are planning a theatre break often the safest option is to pick a classic show that you know will deliver a good night out.theatrebreaksbilly
These are the shows that have been running the longest and have the best established productions. Theatre breaks to these shows are often a little bit easier to get for specific dates (like half-term or during the school holidays). Sometimes these classic shows can also be very good value for theatre breaks as they are not quite as much in demand as new shows like Priscilla or Oliver!

You still get a wide range of shows to choose from, from the more operatic style of show to rock classics. There’s something to suit most tastes and I’m going to make a few suggestions to help you decide.

5 Classic Shows for Theatre Breaks

  • Les Miserables – huge, epic score, big cast, amazing almost operatic songs. Les Mis is still going strong after all these years
  • Phantom of the Opera – smaller cast, less complex plot, but high production values, great score and another ‘operatic’ show.
  • Blood Brothers – another long running show but this one has a very different feel. Willy Russel’s story of a pair of Liverpool brothers and the twists and turns of their lives has a depth that’s kept it amongst the best loved musicals for theatre breaks many years.
  • Billy Elliot – another epic story with great ensemble set pieces. Billy is heart-rending but ultimately uplifting.You’ll come out feeling amazing! A perfect choice for theatre breaks.
  • We Will Rock You – if you were a Queen fan or even if you weren’t this is the ultimate rock opera. It has all the fun of a rock concert without any of the unpleasantness!

Any of these shows could form the centre piece of a theatre break anyone in the family could enjoy. theatrebreakslesmis

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