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Post-Christmas theatre breaks

I was nattering with some folks this morning, wondering about shows for post Christmas theatre breaks. After all the fuss of the holidays January or February are a great time to sneak in a quick theatre break in London. Get it all booked up now and I know there is something to look forward to not just the gloom of the winter.

But what to see? Les Mis is high on my list of shows to see in the coming year but it is not very cheery. In the dark days of January or February I could do with something a bit lighter, a little less demanding. A really good love story with touching tender songs and some upbeat dancing.I’ll be suffering with Strictly withdrawal symptoms by then so good dancing will be high on my list.  Millions of BBC viewers can’t be wrong. We all love a good dance routine.  I like to see shows at this time of year that are a bit like the old Sunday afternoon films on the telly, something like High Society or Meet Me in St Louise. I don’t really want challenge and excitement, I want a comforting, predictable boy meets girl plot that makes me go “aaaw” and ideally tear up, songs I can hum, costumes that make me go “ooh” and wonderful dancing. Yes that fits the bill. Which shows are on in the West End this January and February that will give me a nice, warm, misty glow?

My Top 3 post Christmas theatre breaks

Post-Christmas theatre breaks

Singin’ In the Rain – perfect for Post-Christmas theatre breaks

Singin in the Rain’ – Oh yes, this will lift the heart in those dull days before the spring returns. Just the sight of those colourful umbrellas outside the theatre cheers me up.  Doobbee doo doo, doobie doobie doob doo1….and we’re off 🙂

Well, now I’m back at the laptop typing after a quick twirl round the kitchen, this show has some of the best song and dance routines in the West End at the moment. As you might imagine there are also some good rain effects. Not only that but it has an interesting and involving plot! It is supposed to be a great night out and I think I’d come out and float back to my hotel on a great big puffy rain cloud after this. Even if the proverbial cats and dogs, or even stair rods are pouring out of the London sky. All together now “Dooobbee doo doo, doobee, dooobee doo doo ….”


Top Hat

A wonderful moment from Top Hat

Erm, where was I? Oh yes, my next possibility to dispel the post Christmas gloom. Again we are harking back to an earlier and more glamorous era. This time it’s Rogers and Astair, all sweeping frocks and dress suits with canes for the wonderful Top Hat. This is another show full of great tunes that we all know and can sing along to, a good old fashioned ‘boy meets girl’ plot, smart, wise cracking dialogue and gorgeous, gorgeous dancing. All this mixed up with some of the most glamorous frocks the West End has seen for a while. For while There May Be Trouble Ahead…, let’s face the music and dance! And I’m off twirling round the kitchen again!

mamma mia

Fun rather than glamour at Mamma Mia

Mamma Mia is a less obvious choice, partly because it is nostalgic for the decade fashion forgot, the 1970s! It’s frivolous fun rather than glamour but still, it has some great moments.  I’ve seen it before but other than that it really ticks all the boxes. I loved it and if you haven’t seen it or if you’ve only seen the film then you are in for a treat. For starters, unlike the film, everyone in the stage show can sing! It has a touching plot, with plenty of laughs and some great dance numbers. It is a lovely show and I’d be really tempted to see it again. Although it is less glamorous than the first two the costumes are fun and the stage sets are very good. I would never have believed I could enjoy the music of Abba so much. I hated their stuff when I was younger but when I saw it on stage I melted. I totally loved the clever way the production worked the songs into the show. Well worth it, a bit like jetting off to a Greek island for a few hours but less hassle2  In fact, I might still put it on my short list for Post-Christmas theatre breaks because just like those old films on the telly Mamma Mia is a show that you can see more than once and still enjoy.

You can check our Readers Offers site for a range of  Singin’ in the Rain, Top Hat and Mamma Mia theatre breaks.

So those are my three favourites for post-Christmas theatre breaks. What are yours?

  1. I looked it up – it should be “Doo-dloo-doo-doo-doo Doo-dloo-doo-doo-doo-doo Doo-dloo-doo-doo-doo-doo Doo-dloo-doo-doo-doo-doo”! You’re welcome []
  2. and London has way more shops! []

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